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"It is really about YOU and what your wishes, dream and desires are." Your "special day" is exactly that "YOUR SPECIAL DAY" !


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Absolutely Only

Wedding Photography

Portland Metro, Oregon




Absolutely Only
Wedding Photography


Offering you the BEST for LESS !


We offer senior picture, family and event photography services; specializing in Wedding Photography with romantic, fun, traditional, contemporary (or even "out of the box" if you wish), photo-journalist and documentary styles for over 20 years.

We provide personalized photography services for all of our previous, current and future local and international couples from all over the world in Oregon or Washington since 1989.

When compared with comparable services and rates of ANY professional wedding photographer, more often than not, we find our rates saving our couples 30-50%, and yet our clients receive more than the other photography services with HALLMARK quality, service, flexibility and value.

What is most important is YOU feel good before, during at the end of your special day, and then your images will be fabulous!  We want your business, but we want you to have those wonderful images even more.

1. We offer you over 20 years experience in Photography services, specializing in, but not limited to wedding photography;

2. We offer you exceptional quality, creativity and flexibility;

3. We offer you unbeatable FAIR RATES and PACKAGES, from BASIC to PREMIUM,

4. We offer you the assurance to perform photography services in the manner YOU desire,

5. We promise you NO surprises, no hidden up charges after the fact, all rights to your images and savings beyond any other service; and

6. You will enjoy working with us.

Take a look at our RAVES/KUDOS section. We want your experience with us to be THE BEST from our 1st contact thru your wedding day until you get your images AND beyond. You will not just be our clients... we develop relationships (that is very important to get the best images possible). More are found at Wedplan.net click here



Rated 5 stars by Letha J

Stu and I loved our photos. The price was the best. We got 10 times more too of everything. A lot for no extra cost. On-line proofs and big downloading, slide shows, 3 albums, all the legal rights to our pictures and a few things we didn't expect. Stu didn't really like the pictures with him smiling, BUT I DO ! Nice to see the soft side too. He did appreciate you did some TOUGH pictures too. I just won't print them. hehe I recommend Mel and Jane, Absolutely Only Photography because you will get as good or better quality and packages than any body else, even the big names for a lot less money. Our only regret is we didn't book them for longer and a bigger package.


Rated 5 stars by Toni and Jerr

10 stars ! We didn't expect many special effects and we got a bunch, he also did all our pictures in black and white and color. Some beautiful and some just down right fun to look at. Remember the waterfall picture? That is on our living room wall. Our albums are wonderful and shown all the time. Thank you very much for your gifts and service. We refer to you and will always. OK, you can start charging more now since our wedding is over. Just kidding, and sorry it has been so long (a year) to write this review for you. I was reminded when we saw you at Terri's wedding doing "your thing" last week.

Rated 5 stars by Mary and Bob, Seattle

We were married on Nov 15 in Tacoma. We can't believe it but we received our photos today 12/2 (14 days WOW) on DVD. 5 days ago the pictures were available to us on-line. We recommend Absolutely Only because 1) BEST RATES we could find, 2) EVEN better quality than the other photographers we looked at, 3) more extras at NO COST, 4) no travel charge to Tacoma from Portland, 5) they took all the poses WE wanted, but frankly, we liked his posing and candids more, and 6) nice guy, friendly, professional and most important, made Bob and me comfortable in front of the camera. Check these guys out... I am very happy with their services... so is my purse.


Email us, tweet us, message us, or call us. We will get back to you near instantly. We don’t want you waiting forever for a call back. We do not want you to fret about anything, beginning from our 1st meeting to well after services are finished. You are our clients forever.

We are there for YOU !

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